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Are you eyeing a charming property in Scunthorpe, perhaps a Victorian terrace in the Ashby area or a modern home near Central Park? Secure your investment with a comprehensive home survey from Camsure, proud winners of the Compare My Move "UK's Best Surveyors" for 2024. This national recognition highlights our commitment to excellence and RICS-accredited reliability.

Our Services

Camsure offers a range of survey options, so you can approach your Scunthorpe property purchase with confidence. Our RICS surveyors have decades of experience and a deep understanding of Scunthorpe's unique property market. We've helped countless buyers avoid hidden problems and make informed decisions about their potential new homes.

  • Homebuyer Surveys (Level 2): Ideal for conventional properties in reasonable condition, like those found in the Crosby and Frodingham neighbourhoods. This survey highlights significant issues without delving into the finer details.
  • Building Surveys (Level 3): These are comprehensive inspections suitable for older properties or those with unique features, such as the historic homes in Old Brumby or timber-framed houses in Bottesford.
  • RICS Valuations: Understand the true market value of your property with our trusted, lender-approved valuations.

Building Trust and Expertise

  • Free Consultations: Book a no-obligation chat with our friendly team to discuss your property concerns and get your questions answered.
  • Client Testimonials: See what our satisfied clients have to say about their Camsure experience on Trustpilot!

Partnering with Camsure means investing wisely in your future Scunthorpe home. Our local knowledge and expertise ensure you receive the best advice tailored to your needs. Trustpilot - Camsure

Stress-Free Property Purchase in the Heart of North Lincolnshire: Expert RICS Accredited Surveyors in Scunthorpe

Choose Camsure, a company deeply rooted in the Scunthorpe community. We're a family-run business with over 35 years of experience in the region. Let our dedicated team guide you through the intricacies of the Scunthorpe property market. Whether it's understanding potential issues in older steelworker cottages or assessing the value of new builds near the University Campus, we're here to provide the insights you need.

Local Knowledge and Community Insights

Benefit from our local knowledge, which goes beyond bricks and mortar. We offer guidance on:

  • Schools: Including Outwood Academy Brumby and St Bede's Catholic Voluntary Academy.
  • Transport Links: Such as the train service to Doncaster and local bus routes.
  • Local Amenities: Like North Lincolnshire Museum, Central Park and The Pods leisure centre.

We know buying a home is more than a transaction – it's about finding your place in Scunthorpe.

Why Choose Camsure Home Surveys for Your Scunthorpe Property?

All our surveyors are RICS-accredited, ensuring the highest professional standards. This means you get experts who truly understand Scunthorpe's property market. Their insights result in detailed, reliable reports you can trust. Choose Camsure for the peace of mind that comes from working with trusted advisors who know Scunthorpe inside and out.

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How much does a Home Survey Cost In Scunthorpe?

Survey prices typically range from £350 to £1375.

Several factors influence the cost:

Contact Camsure today to discuss your property and get expert advice on the best survey for you.

Best Surveyor UK 2024

Camsure's Scunthorpe Surveyor

Kate. Our surveyor in Scunthorpe

Meet Kate

Kate is an AssocRICS-qualified Chartered Surveyor with 9 years of experience in the property industry. She specialises in the Scunthorpe area, known for its diverse housing options, from townhouses to rural farms.

Scunthorpe: Kate's Insights

Kate's local expertise helps her clients navigate Scunthorpe's unique market, where reasonably priced properties offer great value and rural tranquility without sacrificing access to amenities.

Reassurance & Peace of Mind

With a passion for her work and hobbies like Crossfit and Hyrox, Kate brings a personal touch to her client relationships. She values clear communication and building trust, ensuring her clients feel reassured and confident throughout their property journey.

Highly recommended this company

I was kept informed of each stage of the process, had a follow up call from the surveyor prior to receiving the survey report and the report assisted me to make an informed decision as to whether to proceed with the purchase. I would highly recommend this company and feel I have learned a lot of information to help me with viewing further properties.

Michele, Trustpilot

Case Study: Detailed Inspection of a 1970s Detached Bungalow in Scunthorpe


In a recent survey conducted by Camsure Home Surveys, our local surveyor examined a 1970s detached bungalow in Scunthorpe. The focus of the survey was to assess the overall condition of the property, with particular attention to the roof structures and drainage systems. This case study outlines the findings and provides insights into the property's maintenance needs.

Property Overview

The property is a detached bungalow, typical of the 1970s style, located in a residential area of Scunthorpe. The bungalow features both pitched and flat roof sections, which require different inspection approaches due to their distinct characteristics and potential issues.

Survey Findings

  • Main Roof Condition: During the inspection, our surveyor observed that the pitched roof was in relatively good condition, with virtually no moss growth. This absence of moss indicates that the roof has been well-maintained and is likely free from significant moisture retention issues, which can often lead to deterioration of the roofing materials over time.
  • Flat Roof Condition: However, upon closer examination of the flat roof coverings at the rear of the bungalow, our surveyor discovered a contrasting situation. The gutters, particularly at the lower parts of the flat roof, were found to be almost full of moss. This accumulation of moss in the gutters can pose several problems:
  1. Drainage Obstruction: Moss can obstruct water flow, causing water to back up and potentially overflow. This can lead to water damage to the roof and adjacent structures.

  2. Increased Moisture Levels: The presence of moss in the gutters suggests that the flat roof might retain more moisture than desired, which can accelerate the degradation of roofing materials.

  3. Potential for Roof Leaks: Over time, the combination of obstructed gutters and increased moisture can lead to leaks and structural damage, especially if left unaddressed.


Based on these findings, the following recommendations were made to the prospective owners:

  1. Gutter Cleaning: It is essential to clean the gutters thoroughly to ensure proper drainage. This should be done regularly to prevent future build-ups of moss and debris.

  2. Roof Maintenance: A detailed inspection of the flat roof should be conducted to identify any areas where moisture might be penetrating the roof structure. Any damaged or worn-out roofing materials should be repaired or replaced.

  3. Preventive Measures: Consider installing gutter guards or covers to minimise the accumulation of moss and debris in the future. Additionally, regular maintenance checks should be scheduled to monitor the condition of both the pitched and flat roofs.


The survey of the 1970s detached bungalow in Scunthorpe highlighted the importance of thorough inspections and regular maintenance. While the pitched roof was in good condition, the issues found with the flat roof gutters underscored the need for ongoing care and attention. By addressing these concerns proactively, the prospective owners can ensure the longevity and integrity of their new home.

Comprehensive RICS Level 3 Survey and Valuation of a Detached Home in North Yorkshire
Scunthorpe home surveys
Home Valuations - Scunthorpe

Choosing the Right Survey - RICS Building Surveys, Home Buyer Reports, Valuations

From Homebuyer Reports to Building Surveys and valuations, Camsure covers your residential property needs:


Homebuyer Survey Report

RICS Level 2 Home Buyer Survey Report

A certified surveyor conducts a comprehensive visual inspection of the property through a RICS Homebuyer Survey Report. This examination discloses the property's state, bringing attention to any potential concerns before your purchase.


Homebuyer Survey Report with Valuation

RICS Level 2 Home Buyer Survey Report with Valuation

Our Scunthorpe-based surveyor is here to assist clients in ensuring they pay a fair market price for a property and accurately determine the reconstruction cost for insurance purposes.


Building Survey

RICS Level 3 Building Survey

A thorough building survey designed for older properties, those in a state of disrepair or properties expecting significant renovation work.


RICs 'Red Book' Valuation

A written property market valuation, encompassing Help To Buy, Shared Ownership and designed for inheritance tax considerations*, is provided.

*Upon request, valuations and rebuild costs can be incorporated into a Building Survey for an additional fee.

Choosing the Right Home Survey

Our skilled surveyor provides an extensive selection of survey options, tailored to align with your individual needs and the specifications of your property. Take a look at our detailed descriptions to discover the perfect survey for your requirements.

Home Valuations - Scunthorpe

RICS Homebuyers Survey Report

Our Scunthorpe-based surveyor is an accredited member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), specialising in Homebuyer Reports for properties built after 1930 that are in good condition.

Using a straightforward "traffic light" system, the report sheds light on the current condition and structural integrity of the property. In addition to the physical assessment, it offers valuable insights into legal matters, identifies urgent issues requiring immediate attention, suggests potential solutions for defects impacting the property's value and provides guidance on future maintenance.

For a reasonable additional fee, we also offer a market valuation service for your property.

This comprehensive report goes beyond the basics, addressing environmental factors like flood risks, proximity to mining or landfill sites, soil types and the presence of radon gas. Additionally, it evaluates the potential effects of major infrastructure projects, such as the HS2 rail line, on your property's value.

RICS Building Survey

Our thorough Building Survey, formerly known as a Full Structural Survey, is perfect for properties in Scunthorpe built before 1930.

This evaluation provides a more comprehensive assessment of the property's condition than a standard Homebuyer Report, offering greater detail and additional valuable insights.

For a nominal extra charge, you have the option to include a property valuation assessment, which provides tailored recommendations for addressing any issues, repairs or maintenance requirements.

The aim of this comprehensive report is to empower you to make informed decisions about the property's condition and plan for future maintenance needs.

Home Valuations - Scunthorpe
RICS Homebuyers Survey Report, Scunthorpe

Independent Valuation Report

Our objective survey seeks to determine the market value of your property and may identify areas warranting further investigation.

For Help to Buy applications, our specially qualified RICS registered surveyor will evaluate your home's value, crucial for determining your financial commitment.

Please note that this valuation is valid for three months.

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Professional and seamless service

We had a red brick evaluation done on our property. The Surveyor was polite and quick with completing the survey. The reports met all the required standards.

Regina, Trustpilot

Frequently Asked Questions

It depends on the complexity of your property.

Most RICS surveys are completed in 2-24 hours, with larger or more complex properties potentially requiring longer.

Talk to your chosen surveyor directly to confirm the expected timeframe for both the inspection and the report delivery.

Buying a home:
Get a survey after your offer is accepted: This demonstrates your seriousness and streamlines the process.

Selling your home:
Consider a pre-sale survey: Identify potential issues that could delay or even stall your sale.

Concerned about repairs?
Invest in a Level 2 survey: Gain valuable insights and plan for necessary repairs before they escalate.

  • The responsibility of paying for the survey depends on the location:
    • England, Wales, & Northern Ireland: Buyer pays. However, sellers can also choose to get one.
    • Scotland: Seller is required to provide a Home Report for potential buyers to view.

The time between your survey and buying the house varies based on the findings.

If there are no major issues: the process can continue smoothly as planned.

If significant problems are discovered: you might consider:

  • Negotiating a lower price with the seller.
  • Requesting repairs from the seller before completing the purchase.
  • Withdrawing from the sale altogether.

These steps may involve additional inspections from other specialists, which can extend the timeline.

In England, Wales and Northern Ireland, surveys are optional, but highly recommended. They can give buyers confidence and prevent unforeseen problems later.

In Scotland, getting a survey is a must before you can even list your property.

Home Valuations - Scunthorpe

Scunthorpe's Property Market - A Snapshot

Scunthorpe's property market in 2024 presents an attractive landscape for buyers, particularly those seeking affordability. Average house prices remain significantly lower than the national average, making it an appealing option for first-time buyers, families and investors alike. The market is characterised by a mix of traditional terraced houses, semi-detached properties and modern developments, offering a variety of choices to suit different preferences and budgets.

While the market has experienced some fluctuations in recent years, overall, property values have remained relatively stable, providing a sense of security for buyers and sellers. The rental market also remains steady, with reasonable rents making it an attractive option for those not yet ready to buy.

Several factors contribute to Scunthorpe's appeal as a property hotspot. The town boasts good transport links, including a railway station with direct services to major cities like Sheffield and Doncaster. Additionally, Scunthorpe offers a range of amenities, including schools, shops and leisure facilities, making it a convenient and desirable place to live.
With a variety of housing options, affordable prices and a stable market, Scunthorpe is poised to remain an attractive destination for property buyers in 2024 and beyond.

Property Prices

Here's a breakdown of the average prices for different property types:

Property Type Average Price (£) Percentage of Sales
Terraced Properties £110,479  
Semi-detached Properties £143,665 Most sales
Detached Properties £241,175  

Source: RightMove May 2024

New Housing Developments in Scunthorpe

In 2024, Scunthorpe is witnessing several new housing developments that cater to a variety of needs and preferences. Here are some key projects:

Falcons Place: Located at Dunlin Drive, this development offers a range of semi-detached and detached homes. The properties are designed with energy efficiency in mind, featuring A-rated boilers, LED lighting and smart thermostats, which can significantly reduce utility bills. Falcons Place is marketed as ideal for those seeking modern, energy-efficient homes with the added benefit of green mortgages, which offer lower interest rates for energy-efficient properties​.

Phoenix Meadows: Situated on Phoenix Avenue, this development by Gleeson Homes includes a mix of semi-detached and detached houses. Phoenix Meadows stands out for its close proximity to leisure amenities such as The Arcade Warehouse, which offers retro and modern arcade games and Normanby Hall Country Park, which provides scenic trails and historic sites. The homes can be personalised with options for upgraded kitchens, bathrooms and additional fixtures.

Torne Farm: This Barratt Homes development highlights the emphasis on energy efficiency and carbon emissions standards. Located within a well-connected area with good local schools and recreational spaces, Torne Farm offers a peaceful yet convenient living environment.

What's it like living in Scunthorpe?

Scunthorpe, a town located in North Lincolnshire, offers a unique blend of affordability, industrial heritage and a close-knit community atmosphere. If you're considering making Scunthorpe your home, here's a balanced look at what life in this town entails.

Affordability and Housing

One of Scunthorpe's most significant draws is its affordable housing market. Average house prices are considerably lower than the national average, making it a haven for first-time buyers and those seeking value for money. The town offers a diverse range of housing options to suit different tastes and budgets. Whether you're drawn to traditional terraced houses in established areas like Ashby and Brumby, the convenience of semi-detached properties in more suburban areas like Messingham and Bottesford or the modern appeal of new-builds in popular developments like Foxhills and The Arc, you're sure to find something that ticks all the boxes. For those seeking a truly unique property, there are also converted canalside warehouses and former industrial buildings that have been transformed into stylish and characterful homes.

Community and Lifestyle

Scunthorpe boasts a strong sense of community, with friendly locals and a slower pace of life compared to larger cities. The town centre offers a range of shops, cafes and restaurants, while the surrounding countryside provides ample opportunities for outdoor activities like walking and cycling. The town also has a thriving arts scene, with venues like The Plowright Theatre and 20-21 Visual Arts Centre showcasing local talent.

Employment and Industry

Historically, Scunthorpe has been known for its steel industry and while it's no longer the dominant force it once was, it still plays a significant role in the local economy. Today, the town offers a diverse range of employment opportunities across various sectors, including manufacturing, retail, healthcare and education.

Transport Links

Scunthorpe benefits from good transport links, with the M180 motorway providing easy access to nearby cities like Hull and Doncaster. The town also has a railway station with direct services to Sheffield, Manchester and London.

Challenges to Consider

Living in an Industrial Town: Scunthorpe's industrial heritage comes with some drawbacks. There can be noise pollution from factories and heavy traffic, particularly in areas close to industrial zones like Scunthorpe Sands and Crosby. While efforts are underway to regenerate these areas and make them more environmentally friendly, it's something to consider if peace and quiet are a high priority for you.

Town Centre Concerns: The town centre has faced some challenges in recent years, with occasional reports of anti-social behaviour. However, it's important to note that these incidents are not widespread and the council is actively working to revitalise the town centre with new shops, leisure facilities and initiatives to improve safety and security.

Flood Risk: Some areas of Scunthorpe are at risk of flooding, particularly those located on the floodplain of the River Trent. These areas include Flixborough, East Brumby and parts of Crosby. The Environment Agency's flood risk maps can help you identify flood risk zones. If you're considering a property in a flood risk area, it's crucial to factor in the cost of flood insurance into your overall budget.

Radon Levels: Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas that can pose health risks if present at high levels in a property. Certain areas of Scunthorpe, like those built on granite bedrock, have been identified as having higher levels of radon. A radon survey is recommended before purchasing a property, especially in these areas. Radon mitigation systems can be installed to reduce radon levels in a home.


Scunthorpe offers a unique mix of affordability, community spirit and access to nature. While it has its challenges, the town is continuously evolving and improving. If you're looking for a place with character, a slower pace of life and a strong sense of community, Scunthorpe might just be the perfect fit for you.

Where is the best place to live in Scunthorpe?

Scunthorpe offers a variety of neighbourhoods, each with its own distinct character and appeal. Here are some of the most sought-after areas for homebuyers:
Suburban Appeal:

Convenient and Well-Connected:

Up-and-Coming Areas:

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The Scunthorpe property market can be a complex landscape to navigate, but we're here to be your trusted guide. As experienced local surveyors, we offer expert advice, clear communication and dedicated support throughout your property journey, whether you're buying, selling or renovating. We'll give you the knowledge and confidence you need to make informed decisions.

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