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Why Choose Us?

  • Award-winning, Locally Trusted: We were named 'UK's Best Surveyors 2024' and hold an outstanding Trustpilot score (4.8 with over 1,200 reviews).Trustpilot - Camsure
  • Clear, Informative Reports: We focus on easy-to-understand reports that give you the knowledge you need.
  • Family-Run & Client-Focused: We offer personal attention and outstanding service.

What We Offer:

  • RICS HomeBuyer Reports (Level 2): Uncover essential details about the property's condition for confident buying choices.
  • Building Surveys (Level 3): In-depth assessments ideal for older, larger or unusual properties. Understand potential issues and future costs.
  • RICS Valuations: Know the true market value of your property with a reliable appraisal.

Let us guide you through your property survey in Chester!

Chester's Surveying Experts: Experience You Can Trust

Whether you're considering a historic townhouse or a contemporary new build, our surveyors have the local expertise to provide accurate and informative assessments. We know Chester's architectural variety, ensuring you get the right advice for your property.

Why Demand a RICS Surveyor for Your Chester Property?

RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) sets the benchmark for property professionals. With a RICS surveyor, you benefit from:

  • Proven Skills: RICS surveyors are extensively trained and experienced in identifying potential problems.
  • Objective Guidance: Your interests come first, thanks to strict ethical standards.
  • Essential Protection: RICS surveyors are insured, safeguarding your investment.

Your Home Deserves Expert Attention

If you're buying, selling, or renovating in Chester, the right surveyor makes all the difference. Our RICS accreditation gives you the added assurance of quality and reliability.

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Home Buyer Reports, Building Surveys, Valuations for your King's Lynn Home

We offer a range of RICS-accredited surveying services tailored to your specific needs, providing clarity and support throughout your property transaction:

Your Local Surveying Partner
We're committed to guiding you through the process. Our goal is to ensure you have all the essential details to make confident decisions about your King's Lynn property.

Best Surveyor UK 2024

How Much Does a Home Survey Cost in King's Lynn?

Expect to pay between £420 and £1,550 for a home survey in King's Lynn.

The cost depends on the size and type of property you're interested in. Larger homes or more complex surveys naturally require more time from the surveyor, resulting in a higher price.

Why a Survey is Worthwhile: A King's Lynn home survey uncovers potential hidden issues, saving you money and protecting your investment before you buy.
Expert Guidance: Need help choosing the right survey? Our King's Lynn RICS surveyors offer free consultations and clear quotes.

Home Valuations - King's Lynn, Kent

Camsure's King's Lynn Surveyor

Daniel. Our surveyor in King's Lynn

Meet Craig - Your King's Lynn Surveyor

Craig brings over 12 years of residential property expertise to his role as Head of Compliance and Regulations at Camsure. His journey began in Cambridge, followed by eight years honing his skills before earning his AssocRICS membership through SAVA in 2020.

Craig's extensive knowledge allows him to thoroughly assess properties, identifying potential issues like damp or structural concerns. He also ensures properties meet building regulations, safeguarding clients from legal complications.

Outside of work, Craig enjoys walking his dog with his wife, relaxing at the local pub and trying to improve his golf game.

Craig's goal is simple: provide clients with transparent insight into a property's true condition and value, empowering them to make informed decisions without unwelcome surprises or delays.

"The detailed and timely service I provide ensures that my clients can confidently proceed with their acquisition without any nasty surprises or unnecessary holdups."

Craig - King's Lynn Surveyor, Camsure Home Surveys 2024

Craig was very helpful

Great customer service, survey was booked promptly and they communicated well throughout the process. Within 2 days we received a thorough, well-represented and easy to understand report with photos and practical suggestions and Craig was very helpful and quick to respond to follow-up questions. Really happy with our experience. They were also the most competitive quote that we received. Would recommend and would use them again.

Lena, Trustpilot

Norfolk Case Study: The Hidden Danger of Clogged Gutters

RICS Level 2 Homebuyer Survey

A recent home survey in Norfolk by our experienced surveyor  revealed a common yet potentially costly issue: overgrown and debris-filled gutters. While easily overlooked, this seemingly minor problem can lead to severe consequences for homeowners:

  • Roof Leaks: Clogged gutters prevent proper water drainage, causing pooling and eventual leaks into the roof structure and internal ceilings.
  • Water Damage: Unchecked leaks can seep into walls, damaging insulation, drywall and creating conditions for mould and structural issues.
  • Mould Growth: Damp environments created by poor drainage are ideal for mould, posing potential health risks and expensive remediation.
  • Foundation Issues: Water overflowing from clogged gutters can erode the soil around the house, compromising the foundation's stability over time.

Protect Your Investment: The Value of a Home Survey
This Norfolk case study demonstrates the importance of a professional home survey before purchasing a property. An experienced surveyor will thoroughly inspect all aspects of a home, including those easy to miss, like gutters. Their detailed report gives you:

  • Clear Understanding: An in-depth picture of the property's condition, identifying potential problems you might not notice on your own.
  • Informed Decision-Making: Knowledge of necessary repairs before you buy can help you negotiate a fair price or reconsider a problematic purchase.
  • Peace of Mind: Confidence that you're making a sound investment, minimising the risk of costly surprises after moving in.

King's Lynn Homeowners: Don't Gamble with Your Future Home
Whether you're buying a coastal cottage or a modern city flat, a home survey is a wise investment.

Choosing the Right Survey - RICS Building Surveys, Home Buyer Reports, Valuations

From Homebuyer Reports to Building Surveys and valuations, Camsure covers your residential property needs:


Homebuyer Survey Report

RICS Level 2 Home Buyer Survey Report

A certified surveyor conducts a comprehensive visual inspection of the property through a RICS Homebuyer Survey Report. This examination discloses the property's state, bringing attention to any potential concerns before your purchase.


Homebuyer Survey Report with Valuation

RICS Level 2 Home Buyer Survey Report with Valuation

Our surveyor in King's Lynn is here to assist clients in ensuring they pay a fair market price for a property and accurately determine the reconstruction cost for insurance purposes.


Building Survey

RICS Level 3 Building Survey

A thorough building survey designed for older properties, those in a state of disrepair or properties expecting significant renovation work.


RICs 'Red Book' Valuation

A written property market valuation, encompassing Help To Buy, Shared Ownership and designed for inheritance tax considerations*, is provided.

*Upon request, valuations and rebuild costs can be incorporated into a Building Survey for an additional fee.

Choosing the Right Home Survey

Our experienced surveyor draws upon in-depth knowledge to deliver a range of personalised survey options. Explore the detailed descriptions below to find the perfect survey for you.

Home survey report King's Lynn, Kent

RICS Homebuyers Survey Report

Our King's Lynn-based RICS surveyor provides detailed Homebuyer Reports perfect for properties built after 1930 and in good condition.

This user-friendly report employs a "traffic light" system for quick identification of a property's structural health.

You'll receive: Clear assessment of urgent issues, less-pressing concerns and recommended maintenance. Insights into legal aspects affecting the property.

Optional market valuation for a small additional fee.

We go the extra mile, including assessment of environmental risks (flooding, radon, etc.) and the potential impact of nearby infrastructure projects on your property's value.

RICS Building Survey

Ideal for Pre-1930 King's Lynn Properties: Our in-depth Building Survey (formerly known as a Full Structural Survey)

This detailed assessment goes beyond a standard Homebuyer Report, providing a thorough examination specifically designed for the unique needs of older homes.

What You'll Get:

  • Detailed inspection of all accessible structural elements and building fabric.
  • Identification of potential defects, their causes and recommended solutions.
  • Optional Property Value Assessment (for a small additional fee) providing tailored advice on repairs and maintenance.

Why It Matters: Uncover the true condition of your potential pre-1930 King's Lynn home. Make informed decisions and budget confidently for future upkeep.

Home survey report in King's Lynn
RICS Homebuyers Survey Report, King's Lynn

Independent Valuation Report

Our impartial valuation determines your property's accurate market value, potentially highlighting any areas requiring additional inspection.

For Help to Buy applications, our qualified RICS registered surveyor will assess your home's value, a crucial step in calculating your financial obligations.

Please note: This valuation remains valid for three months.

Useful RICS Downloads

Top marks to Daniel

Daniel was out surveyor and he was excellent. He gave a really great summary of what he found and answered any questions with had quickly and with great clarity. We shared the survey with some tradespeople to get quotes and they all said what a brilliant survey it was and they rarely see them with that much detail!

Lauren, Trustpilot

Frequently Asked Questions

It depends on the complexity of your property.

Most RICS surveys are completed in 2-24 hours, with larger or more complex properties potentially requiring longer.

Talk to your chosen surveyor directly to confirm the expected timeframe for both the inspection and the report delivery.

Buying a home:

Get a survey after your offer is accepted: This demonstrates your seriousness and streamlines the process.

Selling your home:

Consider a pre-sale survey: Identify potential issues that could delay or even stall your sale.

Concerned about repairs?

Invest in a Level 2 survey: Gain valuable insights and plan for necessary repairs before they escalate.

  • The responsibility of paying for the survey depends on the location:
    • England, Wales, & Northern Ireland: Buyer pays. However, sellers can also choose to get one.
    • Scotland: Seller is required to provide a Home Report for potential buyers to view.

The time between your survey and buying the house varies based on the findings.

If there are no major issues: the process can continue smoothly as planned.

If significant problems are discovered, you might consider:

  • Negotiating a lower price with the seller.
  • Requesting repairs from the seller before completing the purchase.
  • Withdrawing from the sale altogether.

These steps may involve additional inspections from other specialists, which can extend the timeline.

In England, Wales and Northern Ireland, surveys are optional, but highly recommended. They can give buyers confidence and prevent unforeseen problems later.

In Scotland, getting a survey is a must before you can even list your property.

Surveyor in King's Lynn, Kent

King's Lynn's Property Market - A Snapshot

King's Lynn has a notable architectural heritage stemming from its historic prominence as a port city. Visitors can wander through its picturesque cobbled streets lined with 18th-century townhouses, half-timbered cottages and imposing warehouses, reflecting the town's past prosperity. The town offers a diverse array of properties, blending historic appeal with modern conveniences. Additionally, King's Lynn presents an appealing alternative for property seekers looking for value, as it is less affected by the tourist influx compared to other areas.

Property Type Average Price (£) Percentage of Sales
Terraced Properties £174,355 Most sales
Semi-detached Properties £223,360
Detached Properties £337,762  

King's Lynn homebuyers can find reassurance in the stable housing market, with prices over the last year similar to the previous year and only a modest 4% increase since the 2021 peak of £210,864.

Source: RightMove April 2024

Major Housing Developments in King's Lynn

King's Lynn Homebuyers: Exciting New Developments Abound!
King's Lynn is buzzing with new housing possibilities, offering a range of options to suit diverse needs and budgets. Whether you're seeking a spacious family home, a starter apartment or the opportunity for affordable homeownership, there's something for everyone in these exciting developments. Let's take a closer look:

1. Parkway: A Modern Community in the Making
Florence Fields at Parkway is a brand-new development of 226 homes designed with your comfort and convenience in mind. Choose from a variety of 1-bedroom apartments to 4-bedroom houses, with options for affordable rent, shared ownership and outright purchase ensuring affordability for many.
These homes are brimming with environmentally-friendly features that are kind to both the planet and your wallet. You'll enjoy:

  • EV charging points
  • Enhanced natural daylight
  • Solar panels
  • Air source heat pumps
  • High insulation standards

Plus, an enhanced nature reserve right next door provides a tranquil space to enjoy.

Important Update: The project's budget has recently increased significantly by £6 million due to rising costs and inflation. This has led to concerns about affordability and feasibility. Some council members are questioning whether it remains the best use of resources within the current economic climate.

2. Knights Hill: Quality Living, Prime Location
The Knights Hill development, nearing final approval, will bring 574 high-quality homes to the outskirts of Lynn. You'll enjoy a mix of 1 to 4-bedroom homes, with 108 dedicated to affordable housing. Green open spaces and a focus on healthy, inclusive living make this community especially appealing.
With close proximity to Lynn's bustling town centre and easy access via the A149 and Grimston Road, this development offers the best of both worlds: a peaceful living environment with city conveniences nearby.

3. Salters Road: Affordable Homes Minutes From Town
For those seeking centrally-located affordable housing, the Salters Road development is a fantastic option. With 78 new 1, 2 and 3-bedroom properties in the works, this development brings the dream of homeownership within reach. Shared ownership options and affordable rental properties make this an excellent choice for a range of buyers.
You'll be within walking distance of the town centre and Lynnsport, offering fantastic recreation and leisure opportunities. Solar panels in select properties add to the energy efficiency and affordability of these homes.

Additional Considerations
Beyond these specific developments, King's Lynn continues to expand and evolve. New communities are springing up, each with its own unique character. As you explore options, keep in mind factors that contribute to a fulfilling lifestyle:

  • Proximity to amenities: Consider the distance to schools, shops, healthcare facilities and leisure activities.
  • Transport links: Easy access to public transport or major roads can make commuting and exploring the region a breeze.
  • Green spaces: Parks, walking trails and nature reserves add to the quality of life in a neighbourhood.

What's it like living in King's Lynn?

This historic port town blends old-world charm with modern amenities, offering a variety of property styles to suit diverse needs. Find a mix of independent shops and familiar retailers, plus family-friendly activities and nearby beaches. The stunning Sandringham Estate is close by and direct trains to London provide easy access for day trips.

Best Areas to Live in King's Lynn: Your Complete Guide

King's Lynn has a rich legacy with a variety of historic properties – from Georgian townhouses to period cottages – that offer exceptional value compared to other areas. The town also offers a strong rental market for buy-to-let investors, with popular neighbourhoods catering to diverse preferences.

Transportation & Connectivity

King's Lynn is well-connected for residents and commuters. The A47 provides a major road link north to Peterborough and south to Norwich. Local buses serve various areas within the town and connect to surrounding areas.

King's Lynn railway station offers direct links to London King's Cross (approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes), Cambridge (under an hour) and Norwich (around an hour).

Crime Rates in King's Lynn: A Local Look

Comparative Analysis with Norfolk: In 2023, King's Lynn exhibited a higher incidence of crime compared to the Norfolk average, registering 130 crimes per 1,000 individuals in contrast to the county's overall rate of 65.

National Context: Placed within the broader landscape of England, Wales and Northern Ireland, King's Lynn stands as the 37th most perilous medium-sized town.

Notably, Gaywood Chase & Old Gaywood emerged as the area with the highest crime rate in King’s Lynn, recording 881 crimes, equivalent to 121 per 1,000 residents.

Finding the Right Information
It's important to remember that crime rates can vary within different areas of a town. For a more detailed picture, consider researching specific neighbourhoods you're interested in.

Radon Awareness for King's Lynn Homebuyers

Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas that seeps up from the ground and can accumulate in buildings. While East Anglia generally has lower levels, King's Lynn is within a region of slightly elevated radon potential.

Prolonged exposure to high radon levels can increase health risks.

Protecting Yourself
The good news is that radon can be easily tested for and mitigated. If you're buying a home in King's Lynn, it's wise to include a radon test as part of your home survey. Should levels exceed safe limits, relatively simple and inexpensive solutions exist to reduce radon within your home.

For more information on radon, including maps and guidance for homeowners, visit: Public Health England's Radon Information.

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