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Camsure stands out as the preferred choice for Canterbury homeowners, offering award-winning surveying expertise and deep local knowledge. Our reputation is built on trust, making us the reliable local surveying partner you can depend on.

Comprehensive Surveying Solutions in Canterbury

Discover peace of mind with our comprehensive surveying services:

  1. Homebuyer Survey Report
  2. Homebuyer Survey Report with Valuation
  3. Building Survey
  4. RICS 'Red Book' Valuation

Expert Inspection, Clear Reports

Our friendly Canterbury surveyor takes the time to carefully inspect your property, providing a clear and concise report about its condition. This report not only helps in making informed decisions about purchasing or renovating but may also assist in negotiating a favourable price.

Camsure Home Surveys - Our Range of Services in Canterbury

Camsure, a well respected, family-run business of RICS-qualified surveyors and valuers, is based in Canterbury. With decades of experience, we are experts in providing thorough and insightful surveys to assist you in making well-informed decisions when buying a home.

Our dedication to quality, evident in our outstanding Trustpilot reviews, reflects our commitment to professional service and high-quality work. We specialise in delivering detailed and easily understandable surveys, catering to both inexperienced and seasoned homebuyers.

Our reports, tailored for each property, offer a clear assessment of its condition and potential issues. This comprehensive knowledge empowers you to make informed decisions about your investment, ensuring a smooth and stress-free home-buying experience in Canterbury.

Whether you require a RICS Homebuyer Report, Building Survey or Red Book Valuation, Camsure is your go-to partner for comprehensive and dependable home surveys in Canterbury. We're here to guide you through the process, ensuring you have the information you need to make the best choice for your property purchase..

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How Much Does A House Survey Cost in Canterbury in 2024?

Unsure about the cost of a home survey in Canterbury? It can range from £420 to £1,550, depending on key factors such as:

Property Size: Sprawling mansions take longer to assess, hence the higher cost compared to cosy cottages.

Survey Type: Basic Homebuyer Reports are lighter on your wallet than in-depth Building Surveys, which offer an indepth examination.

Not sure which survey to choose? Don't worry! Our Canterbury surveyors are your expert guides. They'll recommend the perfect survey for your needs and budget, delivering a clear report that empowers your decisions.

First-time buyer or seasoned investor? We're here to help! Contact us today for the information you need to confidently navigate your Canterbury property journey.

Daniel - Our RICS surveyor in Canterbury

Your Canterbury Surveyor

Gary. Our surveyor in Canterbury

Meet Daniel

Daniel, an experienced surveyor based in Canterbury, has a background in engineering and made the transition into residential property work approximately 20 years ago. Having spent several years in corporate surveying, focusing on secured lending work, he has refined his expertise in RICS Home Surveys and valuation.

Insights into Canterbury's Local Area

Canterbury has a special blend of both modern and traditional elements. The architecture ranges from Grade II listed cottages to modern 'metropolitan' apartments, offering plenty of choices for property buyers.

A Visual Story with Every Survey

Daniel believes in the power of visuals. His reports, filled with carefully chosen photos, help buyers in Canterbury make well-informed decisions about their property purchases.

Accessible Communication

Understanding the importance of clear communication, Daniel is easily reachable. Clients can call or email him to discuss findings or ask questions, ensuring an open line of communication.

Openness and Timeliness

In every interaction, Daniel aims for honesty and transparency. Prompt delivery of comprehensive reports is a priority, allowing clients in Canterbury to get crucial information quickly. Daniel is committed to providing a straightforward and transparent surveying experience for every client in Canterbury.

"They say a picture speaks a thousand words and a written report annotated with photos helps buyers make an educated decision with their purchase.  However, communication is always key, I will be available on the telephone or via email to talk through any findings or answer any questions, as often as needed. I will always aim to be open and honest and my reports are turned around in a timely manner."

Daniel - Surveyor Canterbury, Camsure Home Surveys 2024

Top marks to Daniel

Daniel was our surveyor and he was excellent. He gave a really great summary of what he found and answered any questions with had quickly and with great clarity. We shared the survey with some tradespeople to get quotes and they all said what a brilliant survey it was and they rarely see them with that much detail!

Lauren, Trustpilot

Tailored Surveys for Your Canterbury Property

Every property in Canterbury is as distinctive as its owners and we believe in customised solutions. Whether you're considering a Victorian townhouse or a contemporary flat, we'll guide you to the right survey that addresses your unique concerns, providing the peace of mind you deserve.

Why Camsure? More Than Surveys – Your Canterbury Property Partner

Selecting a surveyor is a crucial decision and we understand that trust is fundamental. Here's why you can depend on Camsure:

Expertise and Qualifications: Our RICS-qualified surveyor is thoroughly acquainted with Canterbury properties, supported by years of local experience.

Clear and Understandable Reports: No complex language, no mystery – just straightforward explanations that you can understand and use to make informed decisions.

Competitive Rates and Flexible Options: We present affordable choices that suit your budget and individual requirements.

Outstanding Customer Service: We treat you with respect and understanding, always going the extra mile to ensure your satisfaction.

Excellent Service

From contacting Camsure and requesting a quote, they were very professional and speedy in their response. Their communication was excellent and when I decided to go with them, they let me know when the survey would happen. I had a call from the surveyor before hand to check if there was anything specific that I wanted reviewed and the report cam through promptly after the event and with good guidance on what then needed to be picked up by my Solicitor.

Joanna, Trustpilot

Choosing the Right Survey


Homebuyer Survey Report

RICS Level 2 Home Buyer Survey Report

Conducted by a certified surveyor, the RICS Homebuyer Survey Report entails a comprehensive visual examination of the property. This inspection reveals the property's condition and brings attention to any potential issues, offering valuable insights before you proceed with the purchase.


Homebuyer Survey Report with Valuation

RICS Level 2 Home Buyer Survey Report with Valuation

For those looking to confirm that they are paying a reasonable market price for a property and require an assessment of the reconstruction cost for insurance purposes, our Canterbury-based surveyor is available to assist.


Building Survey

RICS Level 3 Building Survey

A thorough building survey designed for older properties, those in substandard condition, or properties expecting significant renovation work.


RICs 'Red Book' Valuation

Written market valuation of your property including Help To Buy, Shared Ownership and for inheritance tax purposes.*

*Valuations and rebuild costs can be added to a Building Survey at request, for an additional fee.

Choosing the Right Survey

The skilled surveyor is ready to help you make smart choices for your property purchase. We have different survey options designed to fit your needs and the type of property you're interested in.

Take a look at our descriptions below to find the survey that's right for you.

Home survey report Canterbury

RICS Homebuyers Survey Report

Our certified RICS Canterbury surveyor can deliver a thorough Homebuyer Report tailored for properties in good condition constructed after 1930.

Utilising a straightforward "traffic light" system, the report effectively highlights the property's condition and structural integrity.

Beyond evaluating the physical state of the property, the report offers valuable insights on legal matters, identifies urgent issues requiring immediate attention, proposes potential remedies for defects impacting the property's value and provides guidance on future maintenance.

Additionally, for a nominal extra fee, we offer a market valuation of your property.

This comprehensive report also covers environmental considerations, including flooding risks, proximity to mining or landfill sites, soil types and the presence of radon gas.

Furthermore, it assesses the potential impact of infrastructure projects like the HS2 rail line on your property's value.

RICS Building Survey

Our detailed Building Survey, formerly recognised as a Full Structural Survey, is tailored specifically for properties constructed before 1930.

Going beyond the Homebuyer Report, this thorough assessment provides a more comprehensive evaluation of the property's condition, accompanied by valuable additional advice.

For a small additional cost, you have the option to request a property value assessment, offering tailored suggestions for addressing any issues, repairs and maintenance requirements.

This all-encompassing report equips you with the essential information to make well-informed decisions regarding the property's condition and future maintenance needs.

Home survey report Canterbury
RICS Homebuyers Survey Report, Canterbury

Independent Valuation Report

Our unbiased valuation seeks to establish the market value of your property and may uncover potential areas requiring further investigation.

In Help to Buy applications, our specially qualified RICS registered valuer in Canterbury will evaluate your home's value, a crucial factor in calculating your financial commitment.

It's important to note that this valuation is valid for three months.

A Canterbury Building Survey Case Study

Introduction: Our local Canterbury surveyor recently conducted a building survey on a residential property, revealing crucial insights into the structural integrity of a mid-terrace property built in 1900.

This case study emphasises the significance of thorough surveys when contemplating property purchases.

Background: The property has been neglected for over 20 years, with minimal routine maintenance. Our surveyor carefully examined the premises to identify potential issues that could affect the property's overall condition.

Findings: During the building survey, the surveyor observed cracks between the rear projection and the main structure, both externally and in the party wall within the roof space. These cracks tended to widen towards the upper sections.

Additionally, blocked drains were noted in the rear garden, leading to soil erosion under the back of the property, causing the foundations to fail.

Implications: These findings have significant implications for potential buyers. The identified structural issues, especially the soil erosion, could further impact the property's integrity over time. Understanding these concerns is crucial for making informed decisions about whether to proceed with the purchase.

Importance of Residential Building Surveys: This case reinforces the importance of prioritising residential building surveys when considering property investments. Such surveys serve as proactive measures to identify and address potential structural issues. In this instance, the survey empowered potential buyers to navigate their property investment journey with confidence, armed with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions.

Conclusion: For those considering property purchases in Canterbury and surrounding areas, the lessons from this case study are clear – investing in a comprehensive residential building survey is a wise decision. It provides clarity on the property's condition, allowing buyers to make well-informed decisions and ensuring their investment journey is built on a solid foundation.

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Fantastic service

I was recommended to use camsure by my mortgage advisor , I was really happy with the service and the report. The surveyor called me prior to the assessment to gain context and asked if there was any areas of concern I wanted particular attention to. He also called me after the survey to give me a verbal overview . They were also much cheaper than the surveyors the estate agent recommended! I would 100% use for any future surveys I have. Fantastic job

Alan M

Frequently Asked Questions

It depends on how big and complicated the house is.

Usually, an RICS inspection takes 2 hours to a day but bigger houses might take days.

Ask your surveyor when they'll do the inspection and when you'll get their report.

  • Buying a house: Once your offer's accepted. It shows you're serious and speeds things up.
  • Selling your house: It finds any problems that could delay or stop the sale.
  • Worried about repairs?: A Level 2 survey can help you understand your options and fix things before they get worse.

  • England, Wales, NI: You pay if you're buying the house. Sellers can also get one.
  • Scotland: The seller has to get a Home Report for buyers to see.

Depends on what the survey finds.

No problems? Everything keeps going as usual.

Big problems? You might try to renegotiate the price, get the seller to fix things or even pull out of the deal. You might also need other experts to check things, which takes time.

No, it's not required by law in England, Wales or NI, but it's strongly recommended for buyers' peace of mind.

In Scotland, it's required before you can even put the house on the market.

Local Surveyor in Canterbury

Canterbury's Property Market - A Snapshot

Canterbury has a variety of unique properties, from 1920s family homes and Victorian terraces to townhouses and listed buildings. Whether you prefer traditional or modern styles and regardless of your budget, Canterbury has a diverse range of homes to choose from.

The city's appeal is enriched by its historical significance, featuring Georgian and Victorian terraces. While these homes may be pricier than newer options, they tend to gain value over time and are attractive for renting due to their distinct character.

Interestingly, 26.9% of people in Canterbury live in terraced homes, which is higher than the national average of 22.7%.

Key Trends in the Canterbury Property Market

House prices in Canterbury remained relatively stable throughout 2023 and a slight upward trend is anticipated for 2024. Currently, the average house price in Canterbury stands at approximately £368,943. Here's a breakdown of the prices for different property types:

Property Type Average Price (£) Percentage of Sales
Terraced Properties £339,782 Most Sales
Flats £206,918
Semi-detached Properties £355,007

Source: RightMove January 2024

In general, property prices in Canterbury increased by 5% compared to the previous year and were 8% higher than the peak in 2021, which was £341,177.

New Houses in Canterbury 2023-2024: A Summary

Major Developments:

Land at Sturry Road and Broad Oak: This extensive project is set to introduce 1,086 new homes, along with 500 sqm of business space. In addition, community amenities, including a primary school and a dedicated car park for Sturry train station, will be established.

Land at and next to Cockering Farm, Thanington: This development, divided into two parcels, aims to deliver 750 new homes. Additionally, it includes 4,000 sqm for employment, 1,000 sqm for retail, a hospice and nursing home, community and leisure facilities, a primary school, open space, recycling facilities and a new off-slip road at Wincheap from the A2. The £9.9 million project specifically addresses infrastructure needs arising from the construction of 1,150 new homes nearby.

Other Developments:

Royal Parade: Situated outside the city center, Taylor Wimpey's development offers a variety of new homes alongside green spaces and community facilities.

Chaucer School Site: This 4.2-acre site is designated for a mixed-use development featuring residential homes (70 minimum, including 30% affordable) and student accommodation (up to 597 beds).


Canterbury is currently witnessing significant housing development, particularly in the Sturry Road, Broad Oak and Thanington areas. The emphasis is on providing a diverse range of housing types, including affordable options, to meet various needs. Integrating community facilities and infrastructure within the developments is a priority to support the influx of new residents.

Additional Resources:

Good Areas to Live in Canterbury

1. Old Dover Road and New Dover Road: If you're drawn to the city life in Canterbury, Old Dover Road or nearby New Dover Road could be your ideal locations. While living within Canterbury itself comes at a premium, Old Dover Road might offer a slightly more affordable option. Both areas boast quality homes and the proximity to a cricket club, rugby club, schools, hospitals and direct connections to Canterbury city centre and the village Bridge, on the route to Dover, make them family-friendly choices.

2. St. Dunstan’s: Known for its charming Victorian and Georgian houses, St. Dunstan's is an area close to the city centre and Canterbury West train station, adding to its appeal for those seeking a mix of history and convenience.

3. Wincheap: East of the city centre, Wincheap is a well-connected area offering various property types, from Victorian terraces to modern apartments. Its proximity to amenities and good connectivity make it a suitable choice for residents with diverse preferences.

4. South Canterbury: Featuring a blend of period properties and newer developments, South Canterbury provides a more suburban atmosphere. Popular among families, the area stands out for its good schools, green spaces and a comfortable living environment.

5. Hales Place: Situated on the outskirts of the city, Hales Place is a primarily residential area known for its relaxed atmosphere. Offering a mix of houses and apartments, it provides convenient access to the University of Kent, making it an attractive choice for those looking for a tranquil yet accessible living space.

6. Wickhambreaux: A small rural village near Canterbury surrounded by farmland. Rich in history and culture, it's a quiet location for commuting with a strong community. Not as bustling as other places, but church activities, a competitive cricket club and a local Produce Association keep the village lively. For shopping, a quick trip to Canterbury is convenient.

For families, there's a primary school in its original historical building and adults can enjoy a pint in the local pub.

7. Blean: Located a short distance north of Canterbury, Blean is a village known for its rural charm. It offers a good mix of period cottages and modern homes, creating a desirable spot for those seeking a quieter lifestyle in a rural setting.

Housing Demand
The demand for housing in Canterbury is notably high, driven by several factors:

  • A growing population, fueled by new job opportunities and the city's popularity as a tourist destination.
  • A substantial student population from Canterbury Christ Church University and the University of Kent, attracting students globally.
  • Limited housing supply, putting upward pressure on prices.

The supply of housing in Canterbury is moderate, with some new developments underway. However, it fails to keep up with the high demand, resulting in a shortage of affordable housing, especially for first-time buyers.

Affordability poses a challenge for many buyers in Canterbury as house prices rise while wages remain stagnant. The average salary in Canterbury is around £27,000, insufficient for comfortably affording a mortgage on the average house price.

Investment Potential
Canterbury presents a promising investment option for long-term investors, given its expected growth and prosperity. However, it's crucial to be mindful of affordability challenges and the potential for slower price growth in the short term.

The Canterbury property market is multifaceted, with both positive and negative aspects. Thorough research and careful consideration of options are essential before making any decisions.

Living In Canterbury

Canterbury, a UNESCO World Heritage Site located in north-east Kent, promises a cultural tapestry for all to enjoy. With swift connections to London and Dover, this historic city is increasingly becoming a coveted destination for a diverse range of residents.

Education Hub and Investment Potential

Home to major universities, Canterbury attracts buy-to-let investors targeting the thriving student market. The University of Kent, Canterbury Christ Church University and the University of Creative Arts contribute to the city's dynamic student community.

Exploring Canterbury: A Cultural and Culinary Delight

Tourists flock to Canterbury for its historical sites, vibrant food scene and boutique shops. The iconic Cathedral, dating back to 597AD, stands as the oldest Christian structure in England and a central piece of the Church of England.

Safety and Entertainment

Canterbury, consistently awarded a Purple Flag, assures residents and visitors a safe environment with a vibrant entertainment scene. The city offers an array of dining options, from chain restaurants to independent eateries, ensuring a diverse culinary experience.

Art and Theatre Hub

As the birthplace of playwright Christopher Marlowe, Canterbury hosts several theaters, contributing to an active events calendar with diverse performances. The city's green spaces, including Westgate Gardens and the nearby Kent Downs, offer recreational opportunities for walks and bike rides.

Green Thumbs and Green Spaces

Beyond the bustling city centre, Canterbury surprises with an abundance of green havens. The city holds the distinction of having more allotments per capita than any other in the UK, showcasing a strong community passion for gardening and local food. With over 40% of its area designated as green space, Canterbury provides parks, gardens and the scenic River Stour, offering ample opportunities for outdoor recreation. Even the historic city walls themselves host a flourishing wildflower meadow, a testament to Canterbury's commitment to biodiversity.

Commuting to London from Canterbury

Canterbury has a fast train connection to London, ensuring a quick 55-minute trip to St Pancras. There are also alternative routes to Charing Cross and Victoria, taking around 1 hour and 45 minutes. By car, it's easily reachable in just over an hour and a half via the M2/A2. Canterbury's strategic location makes for quick drives to Dover for ferry adventures.

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