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Are you looking for a home in Burton-on-Trent? Camsure Home Surveys, named UK's Best Surveyors for 2024 by Compare My Move, is your trusted partner for a smooth property purchase.

This recognition reflects our commitment to delivering exceptional service and RICS-accredited reliability.

Camsure offers a complete range of surveying services, empowering you to approach your Burton-on-Trent property purchase with complete peace of mind. We'll explore the specifics of our Homebuyer Surveys, Building Surveys and RICS Valuations below.

Our team of RICS surveyors have extensive experience navigating Burton-on-Trent's unique property market. We've assisted countless buyers in avoiding hidden problems and making well-informed decisions about their prospective homes.

Feeling unsure about which survey is right for you? No problem! We have informative guides that clearly explain the benefits of each survey type, ensuring you select the one that perfectly aligns with your needs.

Building Trust and Expertise:

  • Free Consultations: Schedule a no-obligation chat with our friendly team to discuss your property concerns and get all your questions answered.
  • Client Testimonials: Discover what our satisfied clients have to say about their Camsure experience on Trustpilot!

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Partnering with Camsure guarantees you're making a wise investment in your future Burton-on-Trent home.

Camsure Home Surveys - Homebuyer Reports, Building Surveys, Valuations

Our dedicated team will help you navigate the Burton-on-Trent property market. Whether you're considering older terraced houses in Stapenhill or modern apartments near the town centre, we'll help you identify potential issues and assess property value.

We provide more than just property assessments. Our insights cover local schools, transport links and amenities, giving you all the information needed to find your ideal home in Burton-on-Trent.

Expert Surveyors in Burton-on-Trent

We understand that buying in Burton-on-Trent is about more than just acquiring a property; it's about embracing the town's unique character. We combine decades of surveying expertise with a deep understanding of the town's diverse neighbourhoods and housing market. Expect detailed reports in plain English, honest answers and a team dedicated to helping you make the right decision.

What We Offer:

  • RICS Homebuyer Reports (Level 2): Get essential details about the property's condition and make informed decisions before you buy.
  • Building Surveys (Level 3): Receive in-depth assessments, ideal for older, larger or unusual properties, to understand potential issues and future costs.
  • RICS Valuations: Know the true market value of your property with a lender-trusted appraisal.

Why Choose Camsure Home Surveys for Your Burton-on-Trent Property?

Our surveyors are RICS-accredited, meeting the highest professional standards. You'll get experts who truly understand Burton-on-Trent's property market and its diverse housing types. Their insights and experience result in detailed, reliable reports you can trust.

Opt for Camsure for the assurance that comes from partnering with knowledgeable advisors who have an in-depth understanding of Burton-on-Trent.

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How much does a Home Survey Cost in Burton-on-Trent?

Survey prices typically range from £375 to £1425.

Several factors affect the final cost:

  • Property size: It takes longer to survey larger homes.
  • Property age and condition: We'll carefully assess older properties or those in need of repair.
  • Survey type: Choose the level of detail that's right for you.

We're here to help! Contact us today to discuss your property and get expert guidance on the perfect survey solution.

Camsure's Burton-on-Trent Surveyor

Alex. Our surveyor in Burton-on-Trent.

Meet Alex

Alex is a Chartered Surveyor with 25 years' experience in the industry, spanning a diverse range of locations and property types. His career began in London and the Home Counties, followed by 12 years in the Caribbean, before returning to the UK in 2021.

Value to clients: Alex prides himself on providing clients with independent, professional guidance, coupled with pragmatic and realistic advice. He believes in balancing the technical aspects of a survey report with a broader perspective, helping clients to understand what it will be like to live in the property and make informed decisions.

Open communication: Alex encourages open dialogue with clients both before and after a survey. By understanding their needs, comfort levels and plans for the property, he can tailor his reports and advice to suit each individual situation.


"Whether it's before, or after any survey, I encourage dialogue and questions, which will help identify what is important to you, your comfort levels and background, as well as your plans for the property, which help me tailor the report and other advice to suit your situation."

Alex - Burton-on-Trent Surveyor, Camsure Home Surveys 2024

Survey prices typically range from £375 to £1425.

Several factors influence the final cost:

  • Property size: Larger homes take longer to survey.
  • Property age and condition: We'll carefully assess older properties or those in areas prone to subsidence like parts of Chellaston.
  • Survey type: Choose the level of detail that's right for you.

We're here to help! Contact us today to discuss your property and get expert guidance on the perfect survey solution.

Case Study: Property Survey in Burton-on-Trent, Staffordshire

Location: Burton-on-Trent, Staffordshire
Property Type: 2-bedroom cottage
Survey Type: RICS Level 2 Homebuyer Survey

Client Need: A local couple was considering purchasing a 2-bedroom cottage in Burton-on-Trent, Staffordshire. They wanted a comprehensive assessment of the property's condition and potential issues before finalising their decision.

Burton-on-Trent case studyOur Approach: Camsure's experienced local surveyor conducted a detailed RICS Level 2 Homebuyer Survey on the cottage. The survey included a thorough inspection of the property's structural integrity, electrical and plumbing systems and overall condition. Special attention was given to identifying any immediate repairs or maintenance requirements.

Outcome: The surveyor provided the clients with a comprehensive report outlining their findings. This report not only detailed the current state of the property but also highlighted potential issues that could affect future maintenance costs. Armed with this information, the clients were able to make an informed decision about the property purchase.

Value Added: The detailed survey report served as a valuable negotiation tool for the clients. It enabled them to discuss potential price adjustments with the seller based on the identified issues and estimated repair costs. This proactive approach helped the clients secure a fair deal that aligned with their budget and expectations.

Conclusion: Choosing Camsure ensured the clients received accurate and detailed information essential for their property investment decision. Our commitment to thoroughness and professionalism helped them navigate the purchasing process with confidence, ensuring peace of mind in their new home in Burton-on-Trent, Staffordshire.

Home Valuations - Burton-on-Trent

Choosing the Right Survey - RICS Building Surveys, Home Buyer Reports, Valuations

From Homebuyer Reports to Building Surveys and valuations, Camsure covers your residential property needs:


Homebuyer Survey Report

RICS Level 2 Home Buyer Survey Report

A certified surveyor conducts a comprehensive visual inspection of the property through a RICS Homebuyer Survey Report. This examination discloses the property's state, bringing attention to any potential concerns before your purchase.


Homebuyer Survey Report with Valuation

RICS Level 2 Home Buyer Survey Report with Valuation

Our Burton-on-Trent-based surveyor is here to assist clients in ensuring they pay a fair market price for a property and accurately determine the reconstruction cost for insurance purposes.


Building Survey

RICS Level 3 Building Survey

A thorough building survey designed for older properties, those in a state of disrepair or properties expecting significant renovation work.


RICs 'Red Book' Valuation

A written property market valuation, encompassing Help To Buy, Shared Ownership and designed for inheritance tax considerations*, is provided.

*Upon request, valuations and rebuild costs can be incorporated into a Building Survey for an additional fee.

Choosing the Right Home Survey

Our skilled surveyor provides an extensive selection of survey options, tailored to align with your individual needs and the specifications of your property. Take a look at our detailed descriptions to discover the perfect survey for your requirements.

Home survey report Burton-on-Trent

RICS Homebuyers Survey Report

Our Burton-on-Trent-based surveyor is an accredited member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), specialising in Homebuyer Reports for properties built after 1930 that are in good condition.

Using a straightforward "traffic light" system, the report sheds light on the current condition and structural integrity of the property. In addition to the physical assessment, it offers valuable insights into legal matters, identifies urgent issues requiring immediate attention, suggests potential solutions for defects impacting the property's value and provides guidance on future maintenance.

For a reasonable additional fee, we also offer a market valuation service for your property.

This comprehensive report goes beyond the basics, addressing environmental factors like flood risks, proximity to mining or landfill sites, soil types and the presence of radon gas. Additionally, it evaluates the potential effects of major infrastructure projects, such as the HS2 rail line, on your property's value.

RICS Building Survey

Our thorough Building Survey, formerly known as a Full Structural Survey, is perfect for properties in Burton-on-Trent built before 1930.

This evaluation provides a more comprehensive assessment of the property's condition than a standard Homebuyer Report, offering greater detail and additional valuable insights.

For a nominal extra charge, you have the option to include a property valuation assessment, which provides tailored recommendations for addressing any issues, repairs or maintenance requirements.

The aim of this comprehensive report is to empower you to make informed decisions about the property's condition and plan for future maintenance needs.

Home survey report in Burton-on-Trent
RICS Homebuyers Survey Report, Burton-on-Trent

Independent Valuation Report

Our objective survey seeks to determine the market value of your property and may identify areas warranting further investigation.

For Help to Buy applications, our specially qualified RICS registered surveyor will evaluate your home's value, crucial for determining your financial commitment.

Please note that this valuation is valid for three months.

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Professional and seamless service

We had a red brick evaluation done on our property. The Surveyor was polite and quick with completing the survey. The reports met all the required standards.

Regina, Trustpilot

Frequently Asked Questions

It depends on the complexity of your property.

Most RICS surveys are completed in 2-24 hours, with larger or more complex properties potentially requiring longer.

Talk to your chosen surveyor directly to confirm the expected timeframe for both the inspection and the report delivery.

Buying a home:
Get a survey after your offer is accepted: This demonstrates your seriousness and streamlines the process.

Selling your home:
Consider a pre-sale survey: Identify potential issues that could delay or even stall your sale.

Concerned about repairs?
Invest in a Level 2 survey: Gain valuable insights and plan for necessary repairs before they escalate.

  • The responsibility of paying for the survey depends on the location:
    • England, Wales, & Northern Ireland: Buyer pays. However, sellers can also choose to get one.
    • Scotland: Seller is required to provide a Home Report for potential buyers to view.

The time between your survey and buying the house varies based on the findings.

If there are no major issues: the process can continue smoothly as planned.

If significant problems are discovered: you might consider:

  • Negotiating a lower price with the seller.
  • Requesting repairs from the seller before completing the purchase.
  • Withdrawing from the sale altogether.

These steps may involve additional inspections from other specialists, which can extend the timeline.

In England, Wales and Northern Ireland, surveys are optional, but highly recommended. They can give buyers confidence and prevent unforeseen problems later.

In Scotland, getting a survey is a must before you can even list your property.

Surveyor in Burton-on-Trent

Burton-on-Trent's Property Market - A Snapshot

The housing market in Burton-On-Trent has shown diversity in 2024, with semi-detached homes being the most popular choice.

Terraced houses also saw significant activity, offering affordable options, while detached properties attracted interest for their spacious layouts.

Despite minor fluctuations in pricing trends, the overall market displayed resilience, indicating a balanced environment for both buyers and sellers. This stability has fostered confidence in the local housing sector, ensuring a diverse range of options and opportunities for prospective homeowners.

Looking ahead, Burton-on-Trent's housing market is poised to continue offering a mix of property types that cater to various preferences and budgets. The town's appeal lies not only in its affordability but also in its accessibility and community-oriented lifestyle, making it an attractive destination for individuals and families looking to settle in an evolving community.

Property Prices

Here's a breakdown of the average prices for different property types:

Property Type Average Price (£) Percentage of Sales
Terraced Properties £148,660  
Semi-detached Properties £209,906 Most sales
Detached Properties £346,551  

Source: RightMove June 2024

New Housing Developments in Burton-on-Trent in 2024 and Beyond

Burton-on-Trent's housing market is undergoing a significant transformation, with several new developments catering to a diverse range of needs and preferences.
Current & Upcoming Projects:

  1. Dracan Village:
  • Developer: Countryside
  • Features: A stunning collection of 2, 3 and 4-bedroom homes, including show homes available to view.
  • Benefits: Conveniently located for work and leisure, offering high-quality homes with an award-winning builder.
  1. Branston Locks:
  • Developer: St. Modwen Homes
  • Features: A mix of apartments and houses, along with community amenities and green spaces.
  • Status: Ongoing development with several phases already completed or nearing completion.
  1. Former Molson Coors Brewery Site:
  • Features: Potential for a significant number of new homes.
  • Status: Early stages of planning and development, with details to be finalised.
  1. Former Uttoxeter Household Waste Site:
  • Developer: Trent & Dove Housing
  • Features: 44 affordable homes, including a mix of houses and apartments for over-55s.
  • Status: Planning permission granted, construction to commence soon.

Key Considerations for Potential Homebuyers:

  • Variety of Options: Choose from a diverse range of housing types, sizes and price points.
  • Location: Consider proximity to work, amenities and transport links when selecting your new home.
  • Developer Reputation: Research the reputation and track record of the developer to ensure quality and customer service.
  • Future Developments: Stay informed about upcoming projects that may impact the surrounding area and property values.

What's it like living in Burton-on-Trent?

Located along the scenic banks of the River Trent, Burton-on-Trent offers prospective homebuyers a blend of history, modern amenities and ongoing efforts to address local infrastructure challenges.

Geography and Housing:
Burton-on-Trent spans both hilly and flat terrain, divided by the River Trent, which historically shaped its growth and character. Residential areas feature a variety of housing styles, predominantly crafted from locally quarried Derbyshire stone or traditional red brick, reflecting the town's architectural heritage.

Unique Attributes:
Famous worldwide for its brewing legacy, Burton-on-Trent boasts historic brewery buildings and hosts annual beer festivals, celebrating its cultural identity. The town's riverfront and surrounding green spaces offer tranquil settings amidst urban convenience.

Neighbourhoods and Amenities:
Burton-on-Trent’s suburbs provide residents with excellent amenities and convenient access to the town centre. Areas like Stapenhill, Horninglow and Winshill are well-regarded for their community spirit and proximity to schools, parks and shopping centres.

Crime Statistics and Safety:
It’s important for potential residents to note that Burton-on-Trent has a higher crime rate compared to Staffordshire's average, with 106 crimes per 1,000 people in 2023. While local policing efforts aim to ensure community safety, prospective homebuyers are advised to review detailed crime statistics from Staffordshire Police.

Environmental Considerations:
Burton-on-Trent’s close relationship with the River Trent brings both historical significance and flood risk. The recently completed Flood Risk Management Scheme has significantly reduced flood risks for over 4,500 homes and 1,000 businesses, protecting the town from periodic flood events that historically impacted the area.

Local Industries:
Burton-on-Trent is renowned for its brewing heritage and hosts several prominent breweries, alongside being home to a major Marmite production facility. Occasionally, depending on wind direction, residents may experience the distinct aromas associated with these industries. While these scents are a testament to the town’s rich industrial history, they may be a consideration for those sensitive to strong odours.

Transportation and Connectivity:
While Burton-on-Trent benefits from robust transport links including major roads like the A38 and A50, congestion remains a concern, particularly at key junctions such as Branston and Claymills on the A38 and along the A511 between Derby Street and the A50. These areas are notorious for traffic bottlenecks during rush hours, affecting commuting times and town centre access.

Staffordshire County Council, in collaboration with Midlands Connect, is actively developing plans to alleviate congestion in these critical areas. A £50,000 grant from Midlands Connect’s major roads network preparation fund will support detailed proposals aimed at improving traffic flow and accessibility along these routes, enhancing overall commuter experience.

Education and Family Life:
Families moving to Burton-on-Trent have access to a range of educational facilities, including schools with good Ofsted ratings, ensuring quality education within the community.

Burton-on-Trent offers a distinctive residential experience with opportunities for diverse lifestyles, combining historical allure with modern conveniences and ongoing infrastructure improvements. While factors such as crime rates and flood risks are part of the town's profile, its cultural heritage, amenities and efforts to address congestion make it an appealing destination for those looking to establish roots in a vibrant and evolving community.

Where is the best place to live in Burton-on-Trent ?

Choosing where to live in Burton-on-Trent depends largely on individual preferences such as lifestyle, amenities and proximity to work or schools. Here are a few areas within Burton-on-Trent that are popular among residents:

  1. Stapenhill: Known for its leafy residential streets and proximity to Stapenhill Gardens, this area offers a suburban feel with easy access to local shops and schools. Stapenhill also benefits from being close to the riverfront, providing scenic walks and recreational opportunities.

  2. Horninglow: Located close to Burton town centre, Horninglow offers a mix of housing options including Victorian terraces and modern developments. It's well-connected with amenities such as supermarkets, schools and parks, making it convenient for families and commuters alike.

  3. Winshill: Situated to the east of Burton, Winshill is a quiet residential area with a range of housing from detached homes to apartments. It offers good access to local schools and amenities, with a community-focused atmosphere that appeals to families.

  4. Burton Town Centre: For those who prefer urban living with easy access to shops, restaurants and cultural attractions like the National Brewery Centre, living in Burton town centre can be ideal. This area offers a mix of apartments and townhouses, providing a vibrant lifestyle in the heart of the town.

  5. Branston: Just outside Burton-on-Trent, Branston is a popular choice for families seeking a quieter suburban environment. It offers larger properties, green spaces and amenities such as schools and supermarkets, all within a short drive from Burton town centre.

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