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Considering buying a property in Bolton and need a reliable and experienced surveyor? Look no further! We are a family-run firm with over 35 years of experience, proudly named as the 2024 Compare My Move Surveyors of the Year.

Our RICS accredited and regulated surveyors are experts in all aspects of Bolton property, providing comprehensive and easy-to-understand reports.

Why choose Camsure Home Surveys?

  • RICS regulated: Ensures the highest professional standards and ethics.
  • Award-winning: Recognised for our expertise and exceptional service.
  • Local knowledge: Our surveyors have a thorough understanding of the Bolton property market, providing valuable local insights.
  • Wide range of services: From Homebuyer Reports to Building Surveys and Valuations.
  • Clear and concise reports: Easy to understand, enabling informed decisions.
  • Excellent customer service: We value your experience and satisfaction.

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Why Choose an RICS Accredited Surveyor in Bolton?

Navigating the Bolton property market can be a complex process. An RICS accredited surveyor acts as your trusted guide to ensure you're protected and make informed decisions throughout your purchase, sale or renovation.

What is RICS?

The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) is the globally recognised professional body for surveyors. RICS accreditation is a mark of expertise, ethics and professional insurance – vital assurances within the property market.

Why Choose an RICS Accredited Surveyor in Bolton?

  • Bolton-Specific Knowledge: RICS surveyors understand the unique characteristics of Bolton's housing stock, local regulations and potential issues specific to the area.
  • Unbiased Advice: You can count on an RICS surveyor to deliver impartial assessments with your best interests at heart.
  • Protection & Peace of Mind: RICS surveyors are insured, safeguarding you in the unlikely event of errors or omissions.

Your Property. Your Questions. Our Answers

Our goal is to empower you throughout your Bolton property journey. Check out these resources for more information:

Proven Reliability: With a fantastic 4.8-star rating on Trustpilot, you can rest assured you're choosing a reputable and highly-rated surveying firm.

Trustpilot - Camsure

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Simplify Your Bolton Property Decisions with Expert Home Surveys

When navigating Bolton's property market, a reliable surveyor is your key to informed choices. We offer a comprehensive suite of RICS-accredited surveys designed to empower you throughout your property transactions.

Our home surveying services include:

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How Much Does a Home Survey Cost in Bolton?

Prices usually fall between £350 and £1375, influenced by:

  • Size Matters: It takes more time to survey larger Bolton properties, which impacts the price.
  • Property Condition: A detailed examination may be needed for older or more complex homes.
  • The Right Survey for You: We'll help you choose between a focused Homebuyer Report and a more extensive Building Survey to match your Bolton property needs.

Get Your Bolton-Specific Quote: Don't leave it to chance! Contact us today for a personalised quote and expert advice tailored to your property.

Home Valuations - Bolton

Camsure's Bolton Surveyor

Simon. Our surveyor in Bolton

Meet Simon - Your Bolton Surveyor

Simon is an experienced property expert with over 20 years of experience in the Bolton residential market. His background as a Director and Residential Valuer provides him with unmatched knowledge of the area's diverse housing landscape.

When not at work, Simon enjoys staying active and exploring Bolton's countryside. As a proud dad of two teenage daughters, he understands the needs of modern families.

Client-Centred Surveys
Simon knows how complex the property market can be. His extensive experience ensures prompt, accurate surveys delivered with straightforward explanations – no confusing jargon. He's committed to giving you the information you need to make confident, stress-free decisions about your Bolton property.

"Having dealt with thousands of residential transactions, I can empathise with the stress involved and understand clients requirements to have  survey reports carried out promptly, efficiently with clarity and attention detail, without the need for too much technical jargon."

Simon - Bolton Surveyor, Camsure Home Surveys 2024

Simon was very pleasant.

Simon was very pleasant. He answered all my questions and shared my report promptly.

Akua, Trustpilot
Jason. Our surveyor in Bolton

Meet Jason

Camsure surveyor Jason brings his energy, eye for details and passion to every project, striving to deliver the best possible outcome for his clients.

Outside of work, Jason enjoys quality time with his wife and 13-year-old daughter, sharing meals at their favourite restaurants or the excitement of supporting their football team at the Etihad Stadium.

"My energy and passion to do the very best job I can possibly do for my client."

Jason - Bolton Surveyor, Camsure Home Surveys 2024

Professional and friendly service

Jason called when he arrived at the property and called after completing the survey. He explained how the report was structured and told us of the key findings before reading the report. He was very helpful with any questions we had.

Holly, Trustpilot

Bolton Case Study: Corrosion of Reinforcement Bars in Property Passageway

Our local Bolton surveyor recently conducted a comprehensive survey on a property located in Bolton, UK. During the survey, our surveyor made a crucial observation regarding the reinforcement bars in a shared passage adjacent to the first-floor party wall. His findings revealed that the reinforcement bars had undergone corrosion and had, in fact, shed their cover in multiple locations. Despite no visible signs of movement in the party wall above during the survey, our surveyor highlighted the necessity for a structural engineer to conduct further investigation. He emphasised the potential ramifications of structural failure if the issue is left unaddressed.

Upon inspection, our surveyor noted significant corrosion in the reinforcement bars of the shared passage, posing a potential risk to the structural integrity of the property. Despite the absence of immediate signs of movement in the party wall, he stressed the importance of proactive intervention to prevent potential future issues.

Our surveyor recommended that the property owner engage the services of a qualified structural engineer to conduct a thorough investigation into the extent of the corrosion and its implications. Additionally, he advised including these findings in the survey report to provide a comprehensive overview of the property's condition.

The case underscores the critical importance of having a residential survey undertaken when considering purchasing a property. Through diligent inspection and expert analysis, potential issues such as corrosion of reinforcement bars can be identified, enabling prospective buyers to make informed decisions regarding the property investment. Our surveyor's thorough examination and recommendations exemplify the value of professional expertise in ensuring the safety and integrity of residential structures.

Bolton case study
Surveyor Bolton
Home survey in Bolton

Choosing the Right Survey - RICS Building Surveys, Home Buyer Reports, Valuations

From Homebuyer Reports to Building Surveys and valuations, Camsure covers your residential property needs:


Homebuyer Survey Report

RICS Level 2 Home Buyer Survey Report

A certified surveyor conducts a comprehensive visual inspection of the property through a RICS Homebuyer Survey Report. This examination discloses the property's state, bringing attention to any potential concerns before your purchase.


Homebuyer Survey Report with Valuation

RICS Level 2 Home Buyer Survey Report with Valuation

Our Bolton-based surveyor is here to assist clients in ensuring they pay a fair market price for a property and accurately determine the reconstruction cost for insurance purposes.


Building Survey

RICS Level 3 Building Survey

A thorough building survey designed for older properties, those in a state of disrepair or properties expecting significant renovation work.


RICs 'Red Book' Valuation

A written property market valuation, encompassing Help To Buy, Shared Ownership and designed for inheritance tax considerations*, is provided.

*Upon request, valuations and rebuild costs can be incorporated into a Building Survey for an additional fee.

Selecting the Ideal Home Survey

With a plethora of survey options available, our experienced surveyor ensures to match your unique requirements and property type with precision. Explore our comprehensive descriptions to pinpoint the most suitable survey, guaranteeing your peace of mind.

Home survey report Bolton

RICS Homebuyers Survey Report

Our accredited RICS surveyor is prepared to carry out a thorough Homebuyer Report specifically crafted for properties constructed after 1930 and in good condition.

Using a simple "traffic light" system, this report highlights the current state and structural integrity of the property.

Additionally, it looks into legal matters, pinpointing urgent issues requiring immediate attention, proposing potential solutions for defects affecting property value and offering advice on future maintenance.

For a modest extra fee, we also offer a property market valuation service.

This detailed report surpasses the basics by addressing environmental factors such as flood risks, proximity to mining or landfill sites, soil types and the presence of radon gas.

Furthermore, it evaluates the potential impact of significant infrastructure projects, such as the HS2 rail line, on your property's worth.

RICS Building Survey

Our Building Survey, previously known as a Full Structural Survey, is specifically designed for properties constructed before 1930.

This comprehensive assessment exceeds the Homebuyer Report by providing a more detailed examination of the property's condition and offering valuable additional guidance.

For a nominal additional cost, you can opt for a property value assessment, which gives personalised recommendations for addressing any issues, repairs or maintenance requirements.

The aim of this thorough report is to equip you with the necessary information to make informed decisions about the property's condition and prepare for future maintenance needs.

Home survey report in Bolton
RICS Homebuyers Survey Report, Bolton

Independent Valuation Report

Our unbiased evaluation seeks to determine the market value of your property and may highlight areas requiring further investigation.

For Help to Buy applications, our specially qualified RICS registered surveyor will evaluate your home's value, which is crucial for calculating your financial commitment.

Please bear in mind that this valuation remains valid for three months.

Useful RICS Downloads

Far more thorough than our buyers surveyor

Picked up things I wouldn't have expected and was far more thorough than our buyers surveyor.

James, Trustpilot

Frequently Asked Questions

It depends on the complexity of your property.

Most RICS surveys are completed in 2-24 hours, with larger or more complex properties potentially requiring longer.

Talk to your chosen surveyor directly to confirm the expected timeframe for both the inspection and the report delivery.

Buying a home:

Get a survey after your offer is accepted: This demonstrates your seriousness and streamlines the process.

Selling your home:

Consider a pre-sale survey: Identify potential issues that could delay or even stall your sale.

Concerned about repairs?

Invest in a Level 2 survey: Gain valuable insights and plan for necessary repairs before they escalate.

  • The responsibility of paying for the survey depends on the location:
    • England, Wales, & Northern Ireland: Buyer pays. However, sellers can also choose to get one.
    • Scotland: Seller is required to provide a Home Report for potential buyers to view.

The time between your survey and buying the house varies based on the findings.

If there are no major issues: the process can continue smoothly as planned.

If significant problems are discovered, you might consider:

  • Negotiating a lower price with the seller.
  • Requesting repairs from the seller before completing the purchase.
  • Withdrawing from the sale altogether.

These steps may involve additional inspections from other specialists, which can extend the timeline.

In England, Wales and Northern Ireland, surveys are optional, but highly recommended. They can give buyers confidence and prevent unforeseen problems later.

In Scotland, getting a survey is a must before you can even list your property.

Surveyor in Bolton

Bolton's Property Market - A Snapshot

Bolton's Housing Market Beats National Trend 2024

While UK house prices saw a slight dip this year, an interesting trend is happening in Bolton. Local estate agents report that house prices across the borough have risen despite the national slowdown.


  • Resilience: Bolton's market has outperformed many other areas, with prices falling less than 1% in the last 12 months compared to a national average dip of 1.8%.
  • Long-term Growth: Prices are 14% higher than in 2020, signaling a strong upward trend.
  • Post-Holiday Bounce: December 2023 saw increased activity with busy viewings and sales – a positive sign for 2024.
  • Optimistic Outlook: With inflation easing, interest rates may follow, further fuelling Bolton's market.

House Prices in Bolton

Here's a breakdown of the average prices for different property types:

Property Type Average Price (£) Percentage of Sales
Terraced Properties £152,104 Most sales
Semi-detached Properties £212,396
Detached Properties £394,017  

Source: RightMove April 2024

Major Housing Developments in Bolton

Bolton is experiencing a wave of regeneration in 2024, bringing new housing, amenities and job opportunities to the area. Here's what homebuyers should know:
New Homes:

  • St. George's Road/Bark Street Development: 58 modern three and four-bedroom townhouses completed early 2024.
  • Moor Lane Development: A major project with a mix of 218 apartments and townhouses, including 82 affordable homes. Commercial units and new public areas are also part of the plan. A significant phase of this development is expected to complete in 2024.
  • Central Street Development: 167 new rental homes aimed at attracting residents to the town center. This aligns with the shift away from retail-focused development.
  • Further announcements coming for major developments at Church Wharf and Westpoint.

Lifestyle Upgrades:

  • Elizabeth Park opens on the former Odeon cinema site, featuring seating, picnic areas and a performance space.
  • Renovated Bolton Central Library has a new café, expanded children's area and updated facilities.
  • Bolton Market expands with a new food hall and larger outdoor area.

More to Note:

  • The £40 million Bolton Institute of Medical Sciences opens in September, offering healthcare training and potential for job growth.
  • Farnworth Green expands with 97 new homes, shops and green spaces.
  • Horwich Loco Works begins major development, including 1,700 new houses.

Bolton's regeneration promises to make it a more desirable place to live, with increased housing options and exciting new amenities.

Bolton's Rental Market: Opportunities and Considerations for Investors

Bolton's rental market is booming, with prices rising faster than anywhere else in the UK. This trend is bolstered by Bolton's affordability compared to nearby Manchester and its increased appeal to remote workers seeking more space.

While these factors make Bolton attractive for buy-to-let investors, it's important to consider the potential impact of changing mortgage rates, evolving tenant legislation and a reduced supply of available rental properties.

Overall, Bolton's property market presents a mix of opportunities and challenges, requiring careful consideration from potential investors.

What's it Like Living in Bolton? A Homebuyer's Perspective

Bolton, a town within the Greater Manchester region, offers homebuyers affordability, convenient commuting connections and potential for growth due to ongoing regeneration projects. These projects include Church Wharf, Merchant's Quarter and the Bolton Innovation Zone, aiming to create new residential spaces, modern business facilities and improve community amenities.

If you prioritise affordability, commuting ease and potential for future development, Bolton may be worth considering for your housing search.

Affordability and Space

Bolton generally has a lower cost of living than nearby Manchester, particularly regarding housing. The average price of a house in Bolton currently sits below the Greater Manchester average, potentially offering more space or features for your budget.

Commuting Options (and a Growing Job Market)

Bolton's location makes it ideal for commuters. Frequent train services connect directly to Manchester Piccadilly in under 20 minutes, while the easily accessible M61 motorway opens up further opportunities. Additionally, Bolton has a local job market with notable sectors in manufacturing, construction, healthcare, education, retail, digital and I.T, energy, information and communication and financial and legal services. The town is undergoing regeneration efforts, attracting further investment and potentially expanding job opportunities.

Community Feel

Bolton has a range of communities, each with its own character. The town centre has events, alongside smaller gatherings in the surrounding areas. Researching specific areas of Bolton will help you find a community that aligns with your preferences.

Green Spaces and Recreation

Bolton offers parks like Queens Park and Leverhulme Park for relaxation. The proximity to the West Pennine Moors provides access to hiking trails and scenic landscapes for outdoor enthusiasts.

Education, Amenities and Growth

Bolton has primary and secondary schools, with varying reputations. The University of Bolton brings a student population to the town centre. Essential amenities like supermarkets, local shops and healthcare facilities are available. Bolton's ongoing development suggests a focus on the town's future, which could lead to further improvements.

Bolton's Sandstone Buildings: The Importance of Surveys

Bolton features a significant number of sandstone structures, ranging from terraced houses to historic buildings. While sandstone is a traditional and visually appealing material, it's important to be aware of its potential issues.

Sandstone is susceptible to weathering, moisture damage and structural deterioration over time. These problems can lead to costly repairs if not addressed. A comprehensive survey by a qualified professional is essential for anyone owning or considering purchasing a sandstone property in Bolton. A survey can:

This information is crucial for making informed decisions about buying, maintaining or repairing sandstone properties in Bolton.

Flooding in Bolton

Bolton's Crime Statistics

Bolton's crime rate is higher than average when compared to nearby areas. It's important to note that crime rates can vary significantly between different areas.

Understanding Crime in Bolton:

Important Considerations:

Where to Find More Information

Home Valuations - Bolton

Where is the best place to live in Bolton?

  • Bromley Cross: Situated in the north, Bromley Cross offers access to green spaces, including nearby Jumbles Country Park. Good transport links and schools can be found here.
  • Lostock: This area has larger properties and easy access to major transport routes for commuting to Manchester or beyond. Lostock includes the Bolton Golf Club and nearby countryside.
  • Heaton: East of the town centre, Heaton has a mix of housing styles and local amenities including schools, restaurants and shopping. Heaton Park provides substantial green space.
  • Westhoughton: This area has a reputation for its friendly community, along with local shops, schools and leisure facilities. The Pennine countryside is easily accessible.
  • Horwich: On Bolton's western outskirts, Horwich blends rural living with access to larger urban areas. It's known for Rivington Pike and Winter Hill, offering views and outdoor activities. It also has a town centre with shops, restaurants and sports facilities.

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